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Gold City Medical Centre encourages patients and other people to give feedback, both positive and negative, as part of our continuous improvement process.

Opportunities are available for patients to tell us " how we are doing" in providing for your healthcare needs. Your feedback is dealt with by the owners of the practice, Dr Jean Covey and Dr Kevin Zischke. Our suggestion box in the waiting room allows for you to give us feedback on a day to day basis.

Where possible you are encouraged to raise any concerns about your care directly with the doctor or nurse involved in your treatment. This allows immediate and timely resolution of your concerns to occur. However, we understand that a formal written complaint about your management may be the preferred option. All written complaints will be dealt with directly by Dr Covey/ Dr Zischke as the owners of Gold City Medical Centre. Generally, they will respond in writing within a few weeks of reviewing a complaint. They are also available for face to face discussions of any concerns regarding your care at Gold City Medical Centre.

We seek a structured patient experience feedback at least once every 3 years . This involves collecting information on your experience as a patient in the following areas : access and availability, information provision, privacy and confidentiality, continuity of care, communication and interpersonal skills of clinical staff.

Should you feel that your concerns have not been dealt with adequately at our practice then you may contact the office of the Health Ombudsman -