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Privacy Policy

All patient information is private and confidentiality of patient information is maintained at all times.

The rights of all patients to privacy are respected and all information collected by Gold City Medical Centre is private and confidential. This practice complies with Federal and State privacy regulations as well as the standards set out in the Royal Australian College of General Practice Handbook for the Management of Health information in Private Medical Practice.

All employees of this practice are issued with the privacy policy and sign a privacy statement as part of their terms and condition of employment. General Practitioners and staff are aware of confidentiality requirements for all patient encounters. Under no circumstances are employees of this practice to discuss or in any way reveal patient conditions to other patients, family or friends, whether at the practice or outside it.

Practice computers, servers and back up procedures comply with the Royal Australian College of General Practice computer security checklist. Reception staff do not have access to clinical notes. All doctors and nurses have access to all clinical notes to ensure continuity of care.

The medical records and related information created and maintained for the continuing management of each patient are the property of this practice. This information is used, after consent by our patients, to update the electronic personal health records. While the patient does not have ownership of the doctor's notes at our centre, he/she has the right of access under the provisions of the Commonwealth Privacy and State Health Records Acts. Access to our doctors notes regarding your health consultations can be requested in writing. Should you require a copy of your blood test results or radiology reports, please ask for these at the time of your consultation.

Gold City Medical Centre is committed to identifying opportunities to make changes that will improve the clinical care of our patients and activities to promote health in the overall practice population. The practice uses patient and practice data to identify opportunities for improvement and to monitor evidence of improvement occurring.