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Prescriptions and Referrals

"Appointments to keep you healthy"

In general an appointment is required for repeat prescriptions and for referrals. These consultations are charged at the same rate as consultations for new problems.

Keeping you healthy is important to us. When you have a health problem which requires long term treatment, we need to regularly monitor how well your treatment is working and whether any changes need to be made.

Referrals to your regular specialists need to be done every year. Specialist may need blood tests or X-ray done before your visit with them. There may also be some specific advice that your GP may require from the specialist. Your doctor is normally happy to do your referral at an appointment when you get your prescriptions.

For Referrals to Allied Health (Physiotherapy, Podiatrist, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist) your doctor may consider doing a team care arrangement if you qualify for this under Medicare rules. This allows you to get a Medicare rebate on some of your visits to allied health practitioners. Usually it requires a longer appointment for the doctor to do your care plan and team care arrangement.