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Skin Cancers

Yearly Skin Checks

"The mole you are worried about is not always the one that needs removal"

Gold City Medical Centre provides a comprehensive skin cancer service. We believe that all adults in North Queensland should have a yearly skin check. This starts with a full assessment of your skin including the use of a dermatoscope. Sometimes we may use photography. Your doctor will then decide if you require removal or biopsy of any suspicious lesions. Your doctor will also discuss the various treatment options for sun damaged skin. These include creams, cryotherapy (freezing), excision at our surgery, or referral to a specialist. Some of our doctors can do more complex procedures to remove skin cancer from difficult parts of your body including the face, hands and lower legs.

We are also able to provide the full treatment and follow up of early melanomas. However more advanced melanomas need to be referred to surgeons for more extensive treatment. A number of our doctors have more than 20 years’ experience in treating skin cancers including melanomas, basal cell cancers and squamous cell cancers.