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Caring for your Health

Please ask reception or nurses about our wide range of services

Gold City Medical Centre offers a very wide range of medical services. We have highlighted just a few of our services on this website. Every year the services we offer continue to expand.

We offer heart checks including cholesterol and BP checks, ECG, asthma checks including spirometry, hearing tests and skin checks. We do employment medicals for mining companies and other Charters Towers employers. Many minor procedures including skin cancer removal, sebaceous cyst removal, repair of cuts, removal of foreign bodies from eyes, ears and noses, and fracture treatment can be managed at our surgery.

In 2015, the first diagnostic ultrasound service for Charters Towers was established at Gold City Medical Centre. A sonographer from Brisbane travels up to Charters Towers one day every fortnight to provide this service. We are hoping to expand this valuable service in the future.

Specialists from Townsville consult from our rooms on a regular basis. From early in 2016 we have been offering consultations with a renal physician (Dr Amit Nigam) in our rooms. A cardiologist (Dr Sugeet Baveja) has been consulting monthly from our rooms for the last few years.

Telehealth services have brought specialist from all around Australia to consultations with our patients in our rooms. Patients regularly consult with a psychiatrist in Brisbane and we have specialists from Townsville who use our service for follow up care. Patients have consulted with specialists as far away as Melbourne.

Allied health services available through our practice include a audiologist, diabetic educator and psychologist.

Our practice works with other healthcare providers in the local community. This includes the local Hospital, physiotherapists, dentists and aboriginal health workers.