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Why do I have to see the doctor to get my blood results

Your health is important to us. Generally bloods are only part of your health assessment. Usually the doctor will need to both discuss any abnormal results and sometimes order more tests if all results are normal. Your doctor will also assess if you are improving or if your symptoms are getting worse. it is a good idea to book your review appointment with the same doctor that orders the tests and before you leave the surgery. There are a few exceptions to this in patients who are having regular frequent blood tests.

Why do I have to see a doctor for my Xray / Ultrasound / CT scan results. Why can't the nurse just read them out to me over the telephone?

At Gold City Medical Centre we treat patients not xray/ultrasound/CT scan reports. If your results are abnormal the doctor will need to explain the scans and your follow up treatment. If your scans are normal then the doctor may need to look for a different cause for your symptoms. This can not be done over the telephone. Scans are done to help the doctor with managing your problems and it is important to discuss the results with your doctor. It is usually best to book your follow up appointment with the same doctor and usually about 1 week after you initial see the doctor.

Why do I have to come in for an appointment to get a referral letter?

Referrals should contain accurate information about your current health. Specialists may require bloods tests or xrays/scan to be done before you see them. Your GP should be seeing you regularly even if you are under specialist care. Usually you can get your referrals at the same to time as your medications are being reviewed.

Can I get a script without seeing the Doctor?

If you have not seen a doctor in the last month, you will need to see your doctor for your script. If your health has changed since your last appointment even if it is within the last week, you will still need to see your Doctor again.

How do I claim my travel expenses when seeing a specialist in Townsville?

We now have the form to claim travel in our patient info section of this website. You need to have a copy of your referral letter and the specialist will need to sign that you attended your appointment and then it will need to be taken to the Charters Towers Hospital for approval.

Why can't the nurse give me my immunisations for going overseas without having to see the doctor?

The vaccines that are required vary from country to country. They also vary depending on how long you are spending in a country and if you will be in contact with animals in the country to which you are travelling. Our doctors also need to advise you on how to avoid diseases in overseas countries, particularly malaria and rabies which we fortunately do not have in Australia. Sometimes the doctors will also need to write scripts for tablets for travel sickness, diarrhoea or other medical conditions. We recommend making a long appointment with the doctor about 6 weeks before your overseas travel to discuss your travel and organise a vaccination schedule. Our practice normally has a supply of the common travel vaccines available at the surgery. Our reception staff can advise you on the cost of the various vaccines.