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Covid-19 Immunisations

Please, if you are yet to be vaccinated whether you make an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccination or an appointment with your regular doctor to discuss your concerns. Together we can beat the deadly and debilitating effects of this pandemic.

Childhood, Travel, Influenza & Q fever

"Prevention is the best medicine"

Childhood Immunisations

We believe that childhood immunisation is so important that we accept the medicare payment as full payment when your child sees us for their vaccinations. We believe there should be no barriers to your children being immunised on time. This is particularly important now as we are seeing an increase in the amount of whopping cough and measles within Queensland. We book childhood immunisations in at specified times so please let our reception staff know if your booking is for childhood vaccinations.

Should you have any concerns about your young child's development, please discuss this with your doctor at your immunisation appointment. We will also weigh and measure your child's growth at your appointment and our nurse will also help with any questions you may have.

Travel Immunisations

Your travel overseas is a time when you want to be in good health. It is worth spending the time with your doctor before going to prevent illness while away. Before travelling overseas you should consider a flu vaccination and a tetanus shot if it is not up to date. For those travelling to anywhere apart from USA, Canada and western Europe you also need to consider Hepatitis A & B, typhoid, rabies and a few other vaccines. As your doctor also needs to talk about disease prevention while overseas, it is best to make a long appointment and at least two to three months before you travel!

Influenza & Pneumonia Immunisations

Influenza is the commonest immunisation we give to adults. It is given yearly beginning in March. It is provided free by the government to everyone over 65 and all those with certain long term illness. We provide influenza clinics in which your consult is fully covered by medicare. You can also ask for a influenza vaccination at a standard consult and this consultation will be billed at the standard rate. Private influenza vaccines are available at a cost of $25. They are recommended if you come in contact with a lot of people in your workplace and you do not wish to have time off work with illness.

Pneumonia vaccine is recommended for all people over 65 years and all with long term illness. The government only funds this vaccine for those over 65 years. This vaccine is required once with a booster 5 years later for some conditions.

Q fever

Q fever is an illness that humans get from cattle, pigs, kangaroos and other animals. Anyone who comes into regular contact with these animals or the rural areas where they inhabit should be immunised against Q fever. It can be a severe illness with high fevers, headaches, severe tiredness and general body aches and pains. Long term it can occasionally cause heart damage. Dr Zischke is our practice specialist in Q fever. A blood and skin test is required 1 week prior to your vaccination. Please let our reception know when booking with Dr Zischke that it is for Q fever Immunisation.